How I Manifested My Soulmate

“When it is time for two souls to meet
There is nothing on earth that can prevent them from meeting
No matter where each may be located”


On April 23rd, 2016 the Universe gifted me the man of my dreams

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed about my future husband, our wedding and the tribe of children we would have together. I am a sucker for love. I think it’s why I stayed longer than I should have with my exes, because I so badly wanted my childhood visions to pan out. I was trying to make my prior relationships fit where they were not meant to fit.

Both my prior relationships became toxic, in different ways, still I stayed and tried to make things work. I was afraid of being alone and afraid that if we broke up, I would never meet someone who understood me the way they did. Sad, but true. I believed this even though I knew these relationships had become unhealthy and that I would not be happy had we made it to the alter.

It wasn’t until a week before my last relationship ended that I told myself enough is enough. I was tired of constantly fighting, being put down, and being made to feel that I wasn’t enough. I finally accepted the fact that what I was doing was self sabotage. I was never going to get what I knew I deserved by staying in relationships that had clearly run their course. This is when I decided to create my Soulmate Checklist.


I took out my notebook and started making lists. I made lists about how I wanted to feel in a relationship (i.e., loved, appreciated), the qualities I wanted in a future partner (i.e., down to earth, honest) and who this person would be (i.e., long hair, beard, tattoos, practices yoga). I made these lists as detailed as I possibly could, because I knew once I put it out into the Universe, this person would find their way into my life when we were both ready. A week later, my current boyfriend and I broke up.

I didn’t know when my soulmate would show up but I trusted in the power of the Universe and the synchronicity of life. I began talking about my soulmate as though he already existed (he did, I just didn’t know exactly who he was). I would describe what he looked like; he was taller than me, with dark long hair, a beard and tattoos. I would talk about the kind of person he was; a down to earth free spirited yogi with a big heart. I knew in my soul that he would be older than me and that he would have a J name. Every night when I got into bed, I would visualize what it would be like to be in a relationship with this person. I would feel what it felt like being with him. I saw us going on road trips, making meals together and dancing around the house. I believed with every fiber of my being that this human was out there and it knew it would be the greatest love I’ve ever experienced. IMG_2232

I had a few friends suggest that I download Tinder but I had strong reservations. This was my first time being single in 7 years! Which meant it was also my first time being single as an adult. It was scary and intimidating. But I sucked it up and made an account anyways. I figured it would be a good way to get out there and meet new people, and get comfortable with dating in today’s day and age. I decided to just go with the flow and made no expectations about the outcome.

I believe I had been on the dating app for less than 48 hours when I came across Josiah’s profile. He had long hair, a beard a photo of him doing yoga and his bio said “Adventure and vibe?” with a bunch of emojis. I immediately swiped right. Once we had been matched, I decided to shoot him a message. I’m almost positive I said something along the lines of “Always down for adventures and good vibes” or something lame like that 😉 He didn’t respond until the next day. I couldn’t even tell you what he said back to me, all I remember is how effortlessly our first conversation went. We connected right away, as if we had known each other before. After some back and forth chatting on the app, we exchanged phone numbers and upgraded to texting. I have so many screen shots from that conversation because I couldn’t believe a man like him existed. I couldn’t believe everything I had been manifesting was coming to light! During our conversation, we realized how similar we were and how many coincidences existed between us. We learned that we had a mutal friend in common, grew up 5 minutes apart from each other, he went to the high school down the street from where I used to live and we both studied Early Childhood Education. All things little coincidences were blowing my mind. Synchronicity at its finest.


“I just want to come give you a hug and say thanks for existing”

We texted back and forth for 4 hours before Josiah asked me if I was free to hang out later that same day. Turns out, it was my first free day in over a month. I had been filling up my weekends with expos and events, leaving no wiggle room, yet this exact day I had no plans except to sit on my couch in sweats.

He picked me up an hour later, in the exact same car I drive. A black Honda Civic. What are the odds!? Synchronicity. He had a bunch of stickers on his sunroof; one of a VW van that said “Pura Vida” and another that said “Om Shanti, Shanti Om” by Spiritual Gangster, to name a few. He also had wooden beads hanging from his rear view mirror. That’s when I realized, he was me, but in a male form. I remember half way through our first “date”, looking at him while we were in the middle of talking about documentaries and conspiracies, and thinking “He is the one. I am going to marry this guy.” We spent a few hours together before he dropped me back off at home, where we continued texting until 2 in the morning. We were so blown away by how natural and easy it was hanging out for the first time and how much we shared in common.

IMG_1115After dating for a few weeks, I mentioned that I had a Soulmate Checklist and that I had recently gone over it since we met, and started checking things off the list. I explained to him that I was blown away by just how many things I was able to check off. He asked to see the list and was convinced I had written it after we started dating, because every single quality, attribute or interest that I had written down, he possessed. I distinctly remember him turning to me after reading the list and saying, “Wow. You really did ask the Universe for me.” Divine timing.






“Guys like you only existed in my imagination,
I’ve been working hard to manifest one into physical existence,
And here you are”

On April 23rd, 2016 the Universe gifted me the man of my dreams

He loves me exactly how I deserve to be loved, and I do the same.
He treats me like a Queen, and I treat him like a King.
He calls me out on my shit and I call him out on his.
He is everything I have ever wanted
He is everything I asked the Universe for, and more
He is the mate my soul has been longing for

Love and Light,

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